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Find your inner Goddess


This is a Master's course where you will work hard with yourself over 12 months to get to the core of you, your Divine Self, your inner Goddess or God.

Read below how.

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And how does the process work:

This course extends over 12 months, where it will be tailored to your needs.

We will meet at my place and there will be an online meeting as well, everything is of course completely confidential.

I can, however, promise you that you will receive clairvoyant conversations, healing, regression therapy, meditations, shadow work, inner child work and much, much more.

Why does it last 12 months?

It does this because all the things that you are going to work with must be allowed to work in you, and in order for you to reach and follow along, it takes time. 

Do you have any behavior patterns that imply that you do not think you are worth better, or that you may deserve what you are being subjected to. Are you a doormat who lets others walk over you without you being able to speak up. Are you afraid to speak your mind for fear of hurting other people's feelings. If you have been bullied, you have been ignored, in short you need help toFind your Divine Self again, this year will be the best gift you can give yourself if you are willing to do the work.

In order for this year to be a success for you, it requires that you go into this process with an open mind and be willing to expose all your feelings. I can promise you that there will be tears, as my Clairvoyance teacher Rikke Mors tells me 'Those who say healing is beautiful do not know what they are talking about. Healing is tears, snot and it's ugly, but it's all worth it in the end'. Imagine an onion and with each layer that is peeled away you cry a little and you get closer to the core. That's how it's going to go, and after the 12 months you won't be able to recognize yourself.

Does this mean you will never have self-esteem issues again? Of course it will happen, but you will have the tools to deal with it, and therefore it will not take as long to get you back up.

It's the most transformative year you'll ever experience, and totally worth it.

Find your Divine Self again!

You will also receive your own set of oracle cards, a notebook and a smudge stick of your choice.

DKK 20,000 for 12 months, normal price DKK 30,000.
You can of course pay in instalments

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