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What is Healing


Healing is an alternative treatment method, I help your body to help itself, and I use 3 different ones. Gendai Reiki, Spiritual healing and Kundalini healing. 

It is of course completely confidential, read further down about the types of healing

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1. Gendai Reiki healing: 

Is an old Japanesehealing method, where you learn to use the universal energy that is in everything. There is an energy field around us all, and this is it. used by laying on of hands.

Customers can expect to feel heat, sometimes cold, a tingling sensation, etc. 

What Reiki primarily does is heal your mind, but it can also heal your body.

2. Spiritual healing:

Here I am a mediator of healing from my guides and spiritual helpers.

I (the medium) contact the spiritual world so that it can step in and help. I have nothing to say here. Done is entirely the spiritual world, which knows what you need.

However, this requires that I prepare myself, and if you choose a healing only with this method, I should not talk very much before the healing itself as it requires some extra silence and focus on my part.

3. Kundalini Healing:

Is a form of energy treatment where I use the Kundalini that is in my body to  find and eliminate the imbalances in your body. It is a much more precise form of healing than the other variants, and you will be able to feel a difference immediately. The imbalances you have in your body will be transformed and returned to you afterwards.

However, it is a form of healing that I have only just begun to master, and am therefore not up to it full time yet.


I am a healer 

There is a big difference in which form of healing you choose. The first 2 are more wellness based than the last one which is much more precise and effective. Then there might be someone who is afraid of the Kundalini thing... But you certainly have no reason to be, it is an energy I use and nothing to be afraid of.


I personally love to give healing, where I mix the methods, and this is where you will feel the full effect of what healing can do for you, if you have any questions, write to me.

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