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Find your Inner Goddess
Regression therapy/soul journeys
Healing, Clairvoyance, Meditation
and the process

Find your inner Goddess


It is a course of 12 months.

for you who are ready to work with your self-esteem, your guilt and shame. Both for this life but also for previous ones.

Are you ready to find your inner Goddess 


I use 3 different healing methods Gendai Reiki healing, Spiritual healing, and right now also Kundalini healing.

My task is to bring you into balance.


I am a certified clairvoyant and can help you find a direction.

My expertise is that I can "see" how you feel right now and can help you further.

Regression/soul journey.

I help you explore past lives.

Get healing on a deeper level.

Visit the life between lives

And much more.

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