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Tommy Christensen

'Remote Healing'
"I could feel a lot of heat in my back and like 2 cogwheels pulling something out of my back, and I got a lot of heat in my neck and finally there were like small gusts of wind coming from the floor and up towards my head. A really good healing for me, thank you.”

Paulina Winther

'Remote healing'
"Jeanett is probably one of the warmest people you meet on your way. She is always thorough and very attentive, which means that I always leave her with a good feeling."

Linda Brock

'Kundalini healing'
I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about whether it worked but it was put to shame, I'm a fan
At first I didn't feel anything but I started to wonder that my back hurt and then you mentioned that feelings were there
Then you mentioned that it was like I couldn't say anything, my mouth was full of saliva and that lasted a little while. Then you mentioned that you wanted to take the ugliness away from me, there I felt that it was difficult to breathe deeply and I saw a dark purple color until you wanted to give me light and yellow and green colors appeared that crowded in over the purple it looked like flowers that crawled in
When you said we were done and I had to drink water, I could feel a heat, my cheeks were red and my head was a bit heavy


Lone Dickmann

“It was a nice healing and cozy place. she is good"

Christina Fisher

'Regression Therapy'
First time trying regression and it was the wildest experience! I was in such safe hands. fantastic experience

Sew Westeraa

'Written Clairvoyance'

I thought I would try to see if I could learn more about myself and why I feel/am the way I am. I have to say I'm blown away.

What Jeanett read/saw about me as a person - my personality - my struggles etc. was so spot on I was in doubt how she knew all that - so clear.

lAsked her two questions afterwards which also hit the spot. When she further wrote that I am difficult to read, my last barrier fell.

I'm a strange person, but that's me. She sensed that completely. Definitely don't like a reading in one area. It was and is something that is a big wish, but she is so right in what she says about that field, but it gave me peace and thereby what I have to work with. I can only give her the warmest recommendations.

I will definitely return for further reading and clarification. Try her - it's definitely an experience.

Vibeke Jensen

'Kundalini healing'

Thank you very much for the Kundalini healing yesterday, keep it up it has calmed my head, slept heavily last night and feels dreamless. So today it's like I'm in a cotton ball, and that's great.

You saw me again.

Natasja Rasmussen

"I tried distant healing with Nette, after a birth, to restore balance in body and mind. We agreed on a time when I lay down and relaxed. It was half an hour when I got a buzz under my feet, which spread throughout my body. The rest of the day I had a buzz under my feet, and in the following days I was a little unsteady. Whatever I felt filled my whole body, but it subsided. Then I got the deep calm that I wanted. All in all, a fantastic experience that I will definitely have again."

Jonathan Gosney

'Kundalini healing'
I had a wonderful experience! From the start, Jeanett was super intuitive and knew exactly where work needed to be done. During the whole process she was great at explaining what she was doing and what she wanted me to do.
10/10 experience, and can feel some of the blockages have become more loosened and some have completely disappeared.
Huge praise from here!
From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you very much!

Stephanie M. A. Tøjberg

'Kundalini healing'

Jeanett is super skilled, and really pleasant to be in contact with.

Natasja Rasmussen

En fjernhealing fra Nettes kan bestemt anbefales på det kraftigste! Under selve healingen mærkede jeg et gyldent lys, og en varm følelse spredte sig fra hovedet og ned over kroppen. Det gav en klar summen i hovedet, og efterfølgende var der ro på alle de kaotiske tanker og følelser der lige i tiden rasere. Det holder nu på anden dag, og det er fantastisk at have fået en ophøjet ro.

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