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What is Regression


Regression means "to go back", ie. that you will be brought back to your youth, childhood or past life, to have the opportunity to remove negative behavior patterns. I have learned this form of therapy from Hells Odder who has developed DUR therapy © (DUR - Deep Universal Regression).

Of course it is completely confidential, read how it works further down.

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And how does a Regression Therapy work then:

When you come to me, we will start with a one-hour conversation where you talk about your challenges and what has brought you here, I will tell you how I work and what you can expect, and together we will agree on what you would like out of the journey. 

You will then come to the table, where you will be placed in a relaxed state, so that your subconscious will emerge, and you will gain access to the deepest knowledge of your soul.

You will get in touch with your guardian spirits, who will help you on your journey and make sure that you only get the knowledge that you need. You will have the opportunity to read in your book of life, find out what the theme of your life is, how many times you have lived before, release proven or unproven trauma, receive healing on a deeper level and much, much more. 

DUR therapy © that Helle Odder has developed is fantastic for working in depth and the result of this will be a new awareness of yourself, you will gain inner peace, as you will get redemption on a deeper level and you will look at things more positively life.

Finally, you will agree with your guardian spirits how you will be contacted in the future, so that you can actively use them in your daily life, this lasts approx. 1 hour.

When your journey is finished, we will talk about your experience and you will get some good advice and exercises along the way to help you. 

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