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What is Clairvoyance


Clairvoyance is the communication of advice from the spirit world to you.

And it can be done with the help of:

Clear vision, Clear hearing, Clear knowledge and Clear feeling.

It is of course completely confidential, read further down what you can expect.

Tropical Leaves

What to expect?

When you come you will be informed about how I work.

That is everything we talk about is confidential.

I don't settle for death and misfortune.

I also don't tune into 3rd person, it would be like reading someone else's diary.

I can't promise you what's to come, it could be present, past or a possible future.

I will give good advice along the way, and you are welcome to ask questions.

Afterwards I will go into myself and prepare to read you clairvoyantly.

After that, I will "read" you and convey what I get, with the help of my guides. 

There is nothing wrong with what I get, but I can misunderstand what I receive, and it is therefore important that you say yes, no or I don't know that to what I convey.

If you talk too much or give me too much information, I can end up running out of energy and I have to start over, so it is best to wait until I say so.

There is an option for deceased contact, but it is not my strength for that, I would recommend Regression.

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