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Healer with heart

"Life doesn't give you what you necessarily want, but what you need"

-Jeanette Christensen

About me

My name is Jeanett and I have the business Nette's in Sunds. 

I always felt there was more between heaven & earth and have been looking for the place where I felt at home. 

 In 2013 I went down with stress for the 2nd time and got depression on top of that. I needed to find myself, this is where my journey really took off and now I'm ready to show you the way.

In 2018, I got a gift card from my husband for hand reader Bettina Irming in Aulum. She told me I was a healer and practically begged me to get started.  

I've always known that, but it's easier to believe the opposite. I decided the time had come. 

Educations,courses and Workshops:

- Gendai Reiki:

Reiki healing Midtjylland byMarianne Kaufmann in Tjele,2019

- Spiritual huhaling:

Common sense knowsRick Mors in Vejle, 2020.

- Communication with animals:

Spiritual Academy knows Heidi Kepner, online 2021.

- Clairvoyance:

Common Sense by Rikke Mors in Vejle, 2020-2021.

- Manifestation-Acceleration-Technique:

Common sense knowsRick Mors and The 6th Sense at Ingeborg Hjortsballe in Vejle,  2021.

- Regression therapist: 

Helle Oder, who has developed DUR therapy © (Deep Universal Regression) in Krik, 2021.

White Fire Intensive:

Golden Sight Institute, atHilmarRafnsson, online 2022

Kundalini Apprenticeship

Golden Sight Institute, voathHilmar Rafnsson, online 2022-2024

And my journey isn't over yet, how about yours?


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