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The 'Morning Star' brand has been the most popular Japanese incense in the West for decades, and on this website you can find 4 varieties.

There are 50 sticks in the box and a holder. They are 12 cm long and have a burning time of approx. 25 minutes per stick.

You can use 1 or more variants to create your very own atmosphere. In 2004, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency examined the different incenses on the Danish market, and Morning Star was at that time the incense with the best values in all measurements.


Palo Santo incense sticks create calm and peace for  eg. meditation, the tree is considered sacred and smells of lemon, mint and pine.

Palo Santo has healing properties and is often used by Shamans and healers, as it cleans the air and removes negative energy. 

Incense sticks - Palo Santo

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