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This is a handmade candle melted down from scraps, and therefore comes in many different colors.

They are approx. 7 x 10 cm I have not been able to document the burning time, as what is written is from leftovers and can vary greatly.

As it says, this is healer light, that's because I, as a healer, have sent light, love and peace into the lights, which means that when you use them, that's what they spread out into the room, or to you, if it's how you choose to use it.

There are individual lights in the chakra colors as well and these lights can be used directly for the specific areas on you. This is not a light you turn on and sit down to watch TV. 

As it is residual light, I cannot promise any specific colours, but when ordering you can tell me a specific color you want based on the pictures.

Recycled candles (Small)

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